Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Week 37: Working!

March 9, 2015

Hey everyone!

I hope y'alls week is going great! Like it says in the subject line, I'm out here working. Like always, that's what you have to do in missionary work otherwise nothing will happen. And sometimes that work yields unexpected results. The stories can be really spiritual and uplifting. They can be hard and difficult. Or they could even be hilarious. I'll start off with a funny story.

Our allotted service hours got bumped up from 4 to 10 hours this week. This meant that we could help the local butcher twice! We went to help him kill another cow, but the cow was in a big pasture. Brother O'Dell (the butcher in town) drove his backhoe to the pasture and dropped off some hay to lure the cow, but the cow was a little too smart for us; he wouldn't eat it. Brother O'Dell then told us to go into the pasture to herd the cow toward the front so that he could shoot it. The .22 rifle wasn't big enough, so we took him to his house so that he could grab a bigger gun. This one was a .45 hunting rifle, and we kept trying to herd the cow without being in the line of fire and without getting run over by some cows and bulls. He ended up hitting the cow about 4 times, but it wouldn't go down. We went back to his place, and he grabbed a bigger gun. It was a .308 long range hunting rifle. This time we got the cow closer to Brother O'Dell and he shot it in the head. The cow finally went down after 6 shots, 3 guns, and 2.5 hours of chasing it in the pasture. That was one long morning.

Our investigators are doing alright. Dan and Pat are still solidly set for baptism on April 4th. Rick (the 20 year-old) is still smoking. And the young couple still is not married. Even though it sounds like things are slow, we taught a bunch of lessons this past week. One of those days, I went on exchanges with my zone leader Elder Patterson. Our day was awesome! We found a potential investigator. This potential investigator is a 9 year-old boy whose aunt and uncle are in our ward, and he wants to get baptized! So we will try to start teaching him this week! Hopefully his mom (a non-member) agrees to let us teach him.

I love this area. I'm sure this is going to have been one of my favorite places to serve. The people are all awesome! If you all ever get the chance, you should pay a visit to Logandale, NV. This place has been a testimony builder to me. I'm really hoping I get to stay here another transfer!

Have a great week everybody!
Elder Jones

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