Monday, December 1, 2014

Week 23 - He is the Gift!

Hello friends and family!

I hope that you all have had a great week. Things here in Logandale and Overton are definitely interesting! It's a lot different from serving in Vegas. There aren't as many people around, and the ones that are end up being Mormon. That doesn't mean there isn't work to do. We're trying to work a lot more with less-actives and part-member families, and we even have a couple investigators that we're working with!
We helped an older member in our ward put up a 12-foot star with lights in his front yard. After which he began to tell us about all the people that lived on his street. He gave us 3 referrals! After that, he told us that he has 3 grandsons on missions. We told him him where we were from. After we talked, I asked him if we could pray with him. He responded by saying, "Heck Yeah!!" (Keep in mind this brother is probably in his late-80s). It was a really fun service-opportunity.

I really want to tell you all about the new initiative that the church has put out! It's called He is the Gift. Along with the initiative, the Church has put out a new video in regards to the Christmas season. I encourage all of you to go to, watch the video, and then share it with #SharetheGift. The Church is really pressing this in terms of missionary work. Along with your December Ensign, you should have gotten a pamphlet with a bunch of pass-along cards. Christmas is probably the easiest way to share the Gospel. Handout a pass-along card and share the video. Also, the video is so important that the church has bought all the ad time on YouTube's homepage from December 7th all the way through the New Year.  It's super important that you invite friends to watch it.
My new roommates are pretty interesting. They're Spanish speaking Elders. One thing they like to cook for lunch on occasion is cow heart... I haven't tried it yet (and I probably won't) but they tell me it's good.
My Thanksgiving was great! We only had one appointment (thank goodness), but we still ate too much (never mind). I hope all of your Thanksgivings were good too! It's definitely weird not being with my family for the Holidays...
Love you all! Keep in touch, send pics, and let me know how you all are doing!

Elder Jones

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