Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Week 19: Book of Mormon!

Zone Conference
3 November 2014

Hey everyone!

I hope you all are doing great! My week's been pretty fun; we've pretty much had activity after activity. It all kind of culminated with our ward trunk-or-treat on Wednesday. My Ward Mission Leader is insane, but awesome. He literally put the activity together himself (with us missionaries doing the heavy lifting of course). He ordered bounce houses, brought a cooking trailer and cooking semi-truck, brought 20+tables, rented stadium lights, and even built a sand volleyball court behind our church building. It was a tri-ward event and was super-successful; we were able to get some less-actives, investigators, and potential investigators to come. It was amazing!

I also had the chance to go on exchanges with a couple of missionaries in my district. On Thursday I went with Elder Palmer, who is from the Calgary-Alberta part of Canada! He has become a good friend of mine, and even gave some good advice about missionary work. Most of the advice involved me being confident in myself and opening my mouth when I see people on the street. He told me that it was his desire to actually not want to leave Vegas by the time his mission was over. That night, we taught a pretty cool lesson. We taught a couple about the Plan of Salvation. The woman's daughter is a member, and she said that she didn't believe we were a cult anymore, and that it made her happy to know that that's what her daughter believed. She even said we could come back! Not sure about the chances of her getting baptized, but it feels awesome to share the Gospel.

Halloween was on Friday, so we had to stop proselyting by 6pm. After 6, we had approval from our mission president to watch some non-church movies. My roommates and I watched all three Toy Story movies! That was pretty nostalgic. Our mission president is awesome!

I also finished the Book of Mormon for the first time on my mission. That book really is amazing and I would encourage all of you to read it if you haven't, and then to share it. That book changes minds, it changes hearts, and it changes people. If you don't have a testimony of it, then get one! I promise that you will know it's true if you just read it!

I love all of you! Take care, be safe, and keep in touch!

Elder Jones

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