Monday, October 27, 2014

Week 18 - I love being a missionary!

Hey everyone!


This week has been incredible. Like I was talking about last week, we had a baptism set for Saturday;it was so cool! The girl we had set for baptism was so excited for Saturday, and to be honest, her excitement was contagious. I was pretty nervous about everything from the opening prayer to when she walked in the font, but really it was great.

Being a missionary is great! To think that the Lord is preparing people who are waiting for us to reach them is something I just can't wrap my head around quite yet, although it's true. My Ward Mission Leader Brother Truman said it best that there are people that we promised to find in the pre-existence. It seems crazy, but really it's awesome! Heavenly Father loves each of his children, and will prepare a way for His servants to find those people. If she were my only baptism, I think that I would go home happy.

That was probably the most exciting thing that happened this week. We helped out with a lot of different service projects, like removing bushes from a member's front yard. Another missionary and I even lit some of them on fire because there were spider nests underneath the bushes. It was pretty funny... 

We also were able to help a less-active woman in the ward come to church on Sunday! I've been working with her for the past 2.5 transfers, and wasn't until we gave her a blessing the other week that she actually came to church.

One last experience was that I got to attend our mission's monthly musical fireside last night. I'm glad that I get to be in such a musical mission (those tender mercies...). The performances were great. You all should go if you're ever in Vegas.

Anyway, I love all of you! Take care and keep in touch!

Elder Jones

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