Monday, March 21, 2016

Week 90 Happy Days are Here Again


Hey dad!

I'm glad that it was a nice weekend, that the house is getting finished. I'm so jealous that y'all got to see Elder Stevenson! I love his talks! I appreciated hearing about that experience you had with the Spirit! It's so crazy that Landon just got home! Time is going by way too fast!

Our week involved a lot of stuff. I got sick on Friday or so and have been sick ever since. There's no time to sit around--we just have too much stuff going on. We have been very focused on trying to find through our members and we think that the member missionary programs that we are putting in place will be very effective! If you remember the guest-services Sunday that the Red Bridge ward did, we are using that and a culmination of other ideas to provide members with the perfect opportunities to invite their friends. All leading up to this 'Restoration' Sunday as we are calling it, our members are going to be praying for missionary opportunities. In addition, we are trying to do a 40-day fast. We are essentially asking a different member family to fast each day in those 40 days. We're really excited to see what happens.

I went on 2 exchanges out of my area this past week! That was exhausting... on Saturday, we helped a member to move 7 tons of decorative rock from his front yard to his back yard. I was so sore by the end of it because of how much shoveling and wheel barrowing we did!

Our investigators are doing well! Our stake president essentially gave us marching orders to condense the missionary lessons so that there isn't anything stopping one of our investigators (who is an 11 year-old kid) from getting baptized as soon as possible. This boy is from a part-member family and seems like a really good kid, although I don't know him too well! We are also teaching a handful of other people. We have a couple more kids who are likely to get baptized next month. They are just waiting for their parents to get their adoption papers finalized.

That's pretty much It! Class registration for school starts June 6th. If you could take care of that for me, I would appreciate that. love you dad!

Elder Jones

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