Monday, March 7, 2016

Week 88: Just Like Old Times!


Hey everyone!

This past week was awesome! We have been diligently working on rebuilding our teaching pool after the great month we had. It has taken a lot of finding, but we are finally getting some where! The craziest days were probably Friday and Saturday. 

On Friday, I was on exchanges with Elder Duce (the one who messed up his shoulder on Thanksgiving). That was a lot of fun because we spent most of the day walking around and talking to people. We set up several lessons for this week with members, and found a new investigator. Elder Duce is having some of the same struggles I had last year, and to hear some of those struggles made me feel useful because I was able to help him through some of those things. It was mostly in regards to inadequacies and how to overcome them.

Saturday, Elder Palmer tagged along with me and Elder Anderson. We had a lesson at 9am, went home to plan a training Elder Anderson and I have to give on Tuesday, ate lunch at Red Robin, helped out at a move, went home again to change back into our proselyting clothes, walked around a neighborhood visiting members and contacting people, met several new potential investigators, received several referrals, found a 9 year-old girl who wants to get baptized, and pretty much crashed when we got home! It was awesome! It was nice to have Elder Palmer around, as well! He said it was refreshing to be able to do some missionary work for a change! Fun fact: Elder Palmer has been companions with both me and Elder Anderson before!

A funny thing that happened yesterday happened during Elders' quorum in the Singles' Ward we cover. The stake president came in and rebuked quorum for not treating the first Sunday of the month like a business meeting. He pretty much sarcastically asked them if they had been reading the handbook and if they knew what they were doing. That taught me this lesson about church meetings and responsibilities: study the handbook. If you don't know what to do, read the handbook; if you still haven't clearly figured out what your responsibilities are, ask your priesthood leader. I'm glad I learned that now!

Hope you have a good week!
Elder Jones

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