Monday, May 23, 2016

Week 99: Love you


I love you dad! I'm so grateful for the example you have set! I am also quite excited for the new bishopric. It is definitely a little funny that the young men's leadership has transferred to the bishopric! It will be great to see Bishop Ward and Brother Pace again. Tell them I say hi!

Things were a little bit sad today. I have been transferred to a new area which is pretty much just down the street. My new companions (I'm in a trio) are Elder McClure and...Elder Mingo! Even though I wasn't expecting to be companions with him again (President said he wouldn't do that) I am definitely excited and happy to be given a second chance with Elder Mingo! He apparently requested to have me in a companionship with him again, so with whatever he is struggling with, I hope I can help him. The next 4 weeks will be great!

My last week with Elder Ernst was fantastic. I left the Springs zone with 7 people set for baptism! All those are scheduled to happen within the next few weeks because all of the investigators are ready to take the next step, they are all just nervous that they aren't ready! I plan to keep them in my prayers, to hope they make it to the waters of baptism and then to continue forward! We had an amazing visit with Jackie on Sunday. Her concern is that there are too many competing priorities for her to be focused on being baptized, but she seemed much more committed after we finished teaching her!

Things are going great dad! I hope you are doing well! I'm excited to see you again, but until then...keep on keepin' on!

Elder Jones

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