Monday, May 9, 2016

Week 97: The Lamb of God by Rob Gardner


Hey everyone!

It sounds like everyone is doing pretty well! That hour to talk on Skype always goes by so fast! It was great to see the family. This week ended up being chalk-full of meetings. That wasn't the most fun, but that was intermittent with different opportunities to serve.

Like I said, things in the area are doing pretty well! We have a lot of people who will get baptized down the road, but nobody immediately on the docket. Not a lot there is to complain about. I have many opportunities to minister to my investigators and my zone members, and to exercise the priesthood when circumstances allow. It is so true that we need to be ready to use the priesthood whenever we are asked. We had an experience yesterday in which we went with a recent convert family to the performance of The Lamb of God by Rob Gardner over at the Smith Center. The performance was awesome and the Spirit was really strong. Afterwards, we were getting ready to exit when an older couple hobbled down the stairs. I guess that the wife had just thrown up in the row she was sitting in. She was feeling dizzy and her husband asked us to give her a blessing. Afterwards, the lady said, "You know, Elders, there was definitely a reason you were here, other than watching the performance." I felt the Spirit, knowing that the Lord put us in a place to use the priesthood! It was a humbling experience.

I hope y'all are still doing well! I'd love to hear from each of you, so make sure to write!


Elder Jones

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