Monday, February 15, 2016

Week 85: Momentum!


Hey everyone!

My week was great! To start off, the baptism on Saturday was great! We again had a really big turnout and the kids getting baptized had a great experience! Sam, Sally, and Morgan had an awesome time and they
did say that they felt different after that. They are so solid!

After the baptism, A member from one of my old areas picked us up to go do some service at his house. The family had invited a non-member friend from the ward I'm currently serving so that he could introduce Elder Anderson and I to his non-member friend. The job was to empty a load of dirt out of a pick-up truck and then to spread it around, all while laying down stones to make a pathway to the backyard. It was weird being in my old area, but it was fun because we were able to meet the friend, and have dinner at their house!

Now that our teaching pool has diminished, we are beginning to really focus on finding more new people to teach. That means lots of street contacting and asking for referrals, so that should be fun! Our zone is doing really well, too! There are some struggling zone members that we are trying to help out, so we will keep working on that.

I was reflecting on how much my Gospel study has improved in the past couple years, and it just makes me feel really happy! Although I don't notice too many changes in myself, I have noticed that my faith has increased a great deal! Believing, and believing strong enough to act really aren't too much of a struggle for me, but the real test will be when I get home! We'll just have to see how that goes!

Hope y'all are doing well and that you are looking for missionary opportunities!

Elder Jones

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