Monday, February 8, 2016

Week 84: Baptisms and Broken Baptismal Fonts


Hey everyone!

Surely it's weeks like these that make missionary work worth it! I just love being able to recognize and feel the influence of the Holy Ghost in my life because there is just an outpouring of the Spirit in the mission field.

The baptism on Saturday was really nice. Janine (the lady being baptized) was so excited! Before the baptism, her husband Rex was very nervous because he was the one performing the baptism. We, and a close friend of his in the ward, gave him a blessing to calm his nerves. The turnout by members of the ward and members of Janine's family was great. It was easily the biggest turnout I've seen on my mission. We had so many people, we started the service in the chapel, and then proceeded to walk to the Relief Society room (where the font was). We didn't bother setting up chairs to watch the baptism, so everyone just stood. It was quite touching!

We all walked back to the chapel. While Janine and Rex were changing back into their church clothes, Elder Anderson and I taught the Restoration. We bore powerful testimony of Christ, the Restoration, and Joseph Smith to a congregation of people (many of which were not LDS). The Spirit in the room was so powerful; I will surely never forget that moment.

The baptism was great and all, but everything ended on a weird note because the stopper in the drain of the font was broken. It usually had a little handle that the person doing the baptism could just pull up on to drain the font, but that handle was broken off. To make a long story short, we called a member who brought swim trunks and a toolkit. He got in the font and fiddled with it for a couple hours. Finally by 9:30pm he got the stopper out and we could go home. 😴 That was kind of a crazy story.

In other good news, we have 3 more baptism this coming weekend. Sam, Sally, and Morgan are amazing kids who have an amazing mom! We had their baptismal interview on Saturday, and then Sam brought a friend to church on Sunday! It is so exciting when you're investigators start being missionaries before they are even baptized!

Well, that's all I have for this week! Hope to hear from y'all!
Elder Jones

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