Monday, January 4, 2016

Week 79: Out with the Old, In with the New!


Hey everyone!

My week was pretty eventful! Remember that head cold I talked about last week? It turned bad on Tuesday and I ended up going to get a check up. I had everything, sinus pressure included. I even had a toothache! That cold pretty much floored me on Tuesday, and I had to stay in bed. After Tuesday, I couldn't bring myself to sleep any more, so Elder Carreño and I got back to work.

Once my cold went away, we immediately went to start visiting investigators, and catch up with everyone. We only have 2 solid investigators currently - Andy and William. They are both doing alright, but we have really struggled in helping William come to church. We will keep working on him though! Our efforts the past couple weeks have been to visit the members and seek referrals. We have been doing a good job because most of the members we have met with have at least given us one name to work with! We are excited about being able to teach some of these people!

New Years' was fun! We were able to watch movies like Tarzan, Ephraim's Rescue, Prince of Egypt, and a couple others. It was also Elder Carreño's birthday! We celebrated by going to Red Robin (since he had never been there before).

All in all, we had a good week! We're trying hard and having fun working as the Lord's servants.

My mom emailed me this poem, and I really like it:

As you venture forth in the mission field,
Where the harvest is truly great,
Thrust in your sickle with all your might,
For there is no time to wait!
We know you will need as you go your way—
Just a few real necessities,
Dark suits, white shirts, and shoes with tough soles,
And socks with long guarantees.
The things that you cannot pack in your bag,
Are the most important for you.
So, we’ll ask the Lord to supply your needs,
And prompt what you say and do.
To give you courage, when things go wrong
Or someone can’t make up his mind;
The virtue of patience and fortitude,
When people are rude and unkind.
The healing touch, when the thoughts of home
Bring moments to stop and sigh.
These two short years will be over soon,
Like your school years in times gone by.
The treasures you’ll reap in eternity
Will be a reward that day,
When the grateful souls will rejoice
Because a missionary passed their way!

Have a great week!

Elder Jones

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