Monday, October 19, 2015

Week 68: #Lakesonfire


Hey everyone!

The Lakes zone is such an amazing place. The work here is exploding, and the missionaries are awesome. We even created a hashtag! One problem: half our zone is being transferred today with transfers going on. Elder Palmer and I will be staying, and another companionship, but we will have to deal with the change .

Our week was pretty miraculous!! New and potential investigators seem to be popping out of the woodwork right now. We were referred to a woman named Nancy  by her brother who is a member of the church from St. George because she is going through some really difficult trials right now. We knocked on her door, she opened up, saw us, and then broke down sobbing. We offered her a blessing, and gave that to her right on the doorstep. She ended up coming to church yesterday.

We ended up having a ton of our investigators make it to church, as well as several people who just walked into church for the first time. That was pretty crazy.

Andy came to church again this week, but began having some health problems during sacrament meeting. We were afraid that he was going to pass out because of low blood sugar or something. We have him some candy and told him to go home. He insisted on pushing through because he really wanted to come and learn. After Gospel principles, we also offered him a blessing. That was a very spiritual experience because Andy mentioned before hand how he believed that he would be healed. Talk about having faith sufficient! He left after the 2nd hour and went home. Turns out that he had passed out in his car the moment he parked when he got home! A woman noticed that he hadn't been moving for a while, and came up to tap on the glass. He called us sometime after to let us know that he made it home safely. It really was a miracle from God that he didn't pass out while he was driving. Priesthood blessings really work.

I hope y'all have a great week!

Elder Jones

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