Monday, August 3, 2015

Week 57: 13 Months and Counting!

Hey everyone!

I hope you all have been having a great week! I miss all of you, and I'm grateful to know each of you!

I had a really great week! We are still teaching many of the families that I've talked about in the last few weeks, but I was a little slow because everyone is gone right at the tail-end of summer. The reason everybody leaves is because it is so flipping hot here in the desert, so pretty much no one stays here unless they need to ;)

We had some pretty cool finding experiences, though. There are two  new missionaries in my district. The cool thing about being a district leader in a district with brand new missionaries is that you get to take part in training them. I was able to go on exchanges with one of the new elders Elder Bird on Friday. We went and talked with a fellow whose wife has Lupus and cancer. He seemed a little angry with God at first, as if He wasn't helping him and his wife. We were able to testify about the Atonement and how that helps us overcome challenges. We prayed with him, and after the prayer he admitted that he has prayed before and that God has answered his prayers. The neat thing was we didn't even get a return appointment. We were just able to help him remember God's influence in his life.

We took the sacrament to a shut in in one of our wards. I don't know why, but no one has been taking him the sacrament for the past year. He can't get out of bed to make it to church. It irked me a little bit that no one thought to bring it to him. He was so grateful that we came by and did that for him. I was really happy to do that service for someone.

The thing I have been thinking about a lot this week is charity. What is the motivation behind the service we give? We start with our faith, and our end destination is our hopes, and so charity is the thing that bridges the gap. If we can develop charity, God promises us all that he has and is. Hopefully, that is something I'm gaining on my mission.

Have a great week everyone! Love you lots! Keep in touch!
Elder Jones

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