Monday, April 13, 2015

Week 42: Clark County Fair

Clark County Fair


This week has been a wee-bit stressful due to the Clark County fair that took place this past week. The other Logandale missionaries and I helped to run a booth in the fair in which we tried to talk to people about Jesus! The reception of our booth was a little bit hit-and-miss but it was a fun experience nonetheless. For whatever reason, I ended up talking to all the angry people. The other missionaries thought that was funny.

Other than that, this week has been a bit slow. We began meeting with a guy whose son is a less-active member. This guy says he was baptized as a kid, but we can't seem to find his records for whatever reason. If it ends up that we can't find his records, he will need to be re-baptized. He doesn't mind the idea because he has a lot of health-issues and is trying to get his affairs in order. We had a couple really spiritual lessons with him, and he is progressing very well.

Dan and Pat are still doing as awesome as ever. Pat came into church on Sunday and handed me a list of missionary referrals. They were all different family members who live in different places like Vancouver, Washington; Fresno, California; and Apple Valley, California. Sound familiar, right? Elder Pace, Elder Moore, and Dillon Horne might have some cool missionary opportunities. It was neat that the referrals were all to places where my friends are either serving missions or where they're from.

I hope y'all have a great week! Keep in touch. Missionaries love letters ;)


Elder Jones

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