Monday, December 21, 2015

Week 77: Christmas, High Priests, and Thugs


Hey everyone! 

Things are going well in the Las Vegas valley! Things were a bit stressful, mostly because things were a little bit slower this past week than the week before. We had a particular investigator who cancelled on us several times in a row. It made us wonder if he really wants to take the lessons at all. In the meantime, we still were able to meet with investigators like Andy and William, both of which are still really golden. We are trying to figure out what Andy's roadblock to baptism is. It is really hard because he is so close, yet there still are several things that he hasn't mentioned to us that are holding him back from committing all the way. He will get baptized eventually, but we just need to help continue to progress. We sat in on the High Priests' class yesterday in which a recent convert of about a year was teaching. He bore powerful testimony of how the gospel has helped him become a better man and husband. I feel that really affected Andy! So yeah; he's on his way.

We also met a couple thugs this past week while we were out street contacting. They were working on a car in their garage. They didn't hurt us or anything, but they tried to scare us away by telling us that they had stolen the car. They were drinking and smoking, so both of them were pretty hammered. They tried to convince us that they didn't believe in God, but we persisted and did our best to teach the Restoration. For the most part, they weren't having it, but they asked us to pray for them. We literally prayed for them with one eye open. God totally protected us in a bad situation like that, but I'm glad we were able to pray for those guys. The wind picked up after that and we were a mile or so away from our car. When it gets windy in Nevada, it gets cold.

So the message in all this: even when things seem weird or hard, it pays to endure! It pays even more to endure without complaint! Keep it up, and help use this Christmas season to help someone else's burden become a little lighter!

Love you all! Enjoy your Christmas!


(Also, I had the opportunity to take Elder Tillotson to the Mission Home. He just finished his mission! It was a little hard to see my trainer go home, but it was good to see him off!)

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